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3 steps to make money with no cost

After 2 years making money online with no cost I found that there are 3 easy steps to make money for everyone who really want to start making money with no cost and no risk:

1. Start a free blog at
It is very easy and simple to start a blog here with your gmail account. Choose a unique content to write, such as: Weightloss, baby, mother at home, art,... Remember that you only write the best with the subject that is your passion or you are interested in. Write about 10 to 20 posts in your first week.

2. Sign up a free account Google Adsense and a free affiliate marketing program
Google Adsense:
In my experience, after 3 days I posted 10 posts in my blog, I submit to Google Adsense.

Very easy when we start a blog with At the Layout, we click "make money with Google Adsense" buttom at the bottom page. Then we do every follow Google Adsense guides to complete sign up form.

It usually spent 2-3 days Google Adsense agreed and sent us ID Adsense. When we have Adsense count, place it on your blog, so that you can make money with Adsense when somebody click on ads links.

Affiliate Marketing program:
You can open a free account at many affiliate marketing program. But I suggest you open a free account at - This is the biggest affilate program as I know with many many products you can choose to promote.

Beside, you also open a free account at - one of the biggest affiliate marketing program.

Place your links of affiliate products on your blog (text links or banner links), so that when customer follow your link and buy the product, you will be paid money!

3. Connect people on social network and introduce about your blog
When you have a good content blog, Adsense ads links, Affiliate products links, the last step is to introduce and promote your blog to many people. In other hand, you attract many traffic to your blog. There are many free social network for you to connect people:,,,,... Great...! All Free for you!!!

For example:
Your blog have 1,000 visitors per day = 30,000 visitor per month

Adsense income: 4% of 30,000 = 1,200 click on Adsense ads x 0.5$ (average) = 600$/month. You get 600$/month with Adsense.

Affiliate income: 0.5% of 30,000 = 150 visitors follow your affiliate links to buy product. You can get 1,500$ to 3,000$/month. Affiliate product usualy pay you 10-20$ per sale.

So you can get total income from 2,000$ to 5,000$ make money online with no cost!

For your internet success - make money online with NO COST, NO RISK!


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